Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center of NY wrote:

“Just wanted to let you know how much the sporting tickets mean to our families…. I gave the Jets tickets to a teenage boy who was an avid football player until he was diagnosed with cancer. I had him in mind as soon as I received those tickets, and suprised him with them today. Mom cried outwardly, and the patient could not stop thanking me. So THANK YOU for once again allowing us to spread some cheer to our patients.”

Dear Matt, Marissa, and James

“I am thinking of you, and Sarah today .
I am grateful for the gifts that Sarah, through her  life and through her death have provided to so many families. I hope this gives some small comfort at this time.”

Hi Matt,

“Just wanted to let you know we have a very excited boy who will be going to the Mets game next Wednesday evening with his family thanks to your generosity! When I offered the family the tickets that you had sent over to Nancy, his eyes just lit up and it was the first time I had seen him smile all day.

We appreciate so much everything you do for our patients and families here.

Hope all is well!”


Dear Sarah Grace Foundation,

“I want to say a very warm thank you! A few days ago we opened the door and all of a sudden we saw a very large package on the porch. Tommy and Nicole were very excited. The package was addressed to Tommy and the sender was the Sarah Grace Foundation. They opened up the package and found a wonderful Knock Hockey Game Board!!!! They have had lots of fun playing with the game since then.
Tommy was diagnosed with a brain tumor about one year ago. He finished all his treatments. Thanks to all the wonderful doctors, nurses, and many other individuals he is doing very well now. The tumor is gone. Tommy is back in school and very happy that his treatments are finished. Thank you for creating such a wonderful charity in honor of Sarah!!! Thank you for making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer!!!”

Hello Mr. Weippert,

“I am sorry to admit that I do not think we have met yet. I am the senior specialist working on the Hematology/Oncology inpatient unit. On our unit we have been utilizing the chemo ducks you have generously provided, with much success. The doctors and nurses now ask for them and I use them as an integral part of my talks when a child is first given a diagnosis and in need of a line placement. I have used them to help children to adjust, to ease the struggle of medication compliance, and to familiarize little ones with all of the challenges of hospitalization. Perhaps most importantly, these small yellow guys offer commonality and comfort, so that the child has a friend that can mirror their own struggles and triumphs as they go on their journeys, through treatment. Unfortunately, they have been needed so much that we are left with only two mediport ducks remaining. It would mean a lot to us all if we could continue to provide this valuable resource for the children and families here at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.”