Your 18th Angelversary

November 9, 2020

Dear Sarah,

Been thinking about you, perhaps more lately than usual.   So much confusion, heartache and uproar in the world his year.  Wondering what you’d have to say or think about it.  Our lives this year have been isolated from quarantines due to a pandemic requiring masks and gloves to go anywhere.  We’re used to that because of what we went through when you were here and battling your cancer.  So many families this year have that empty chair at the table that we have lived with for 18 years and it is a stark reminder once again about how short our lives really are and how we should appreciate every day.  Every day is truly a brand new gift that should be unwrapped and treasured.  Additionally, we’ve made huge changes this year including leaving our home in NY, the home where you and James were raised; trying to start a beginning in a brand new place. 

I’ve often found myself asking why you and not me but this is something a higher power must have an answer for.  Although we’re in a new place I can still feel your presence guiding and protecting us like the guardian angel you are.  I wonder what would be different if you were still here and if we would have made this move at all.  Your life has had such a huge impact on so many people and our work through the Foundation that carries your name is leaving an indelible mark on everyone it touches and provides a purpose to keep going.  What you went through has to mean something and hopefully the mission of your Foundation is providing that.  I hold onto the hope that we will meet again someday and perhaps I’ll receive the answer I long for as to why you were taken from us so young.     

To my angel

I dream a dream that will never be

a life with you, James, mom and me.

Loving you was easy but losing you

is a heartache that will never leave.

My heart is full of memories of how

you loved to sing, you loved to laugh

and always looked for another craft!

Our home holds our memories

but they are more resident in our hearts

Although life goes on without you

and will never be the same,

we live our lives for you

until heaven calls our names!

God Bless you my Angel !



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