Our Angel at 25

Memories of Sarah – 2015

Today is Sarah’s birthday – she would be 25 years old. Please share our post with everyone on your friends list and help us spread “Hugs For Sarah”. On average 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every day – and fifteen (15) may not survive. In the United States childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children.

In Sarah’s memory we ask everyone to pause today for a moment and think about how sweet life is and yet how short it can be. Take time to hug someone you love – tell them how much they mean to you. Especially, hug your children and hold them close. Do something special WITH them and FOR them. Do it for you, do it for them, do it for Sarah.
We remember today in quiet solitude with beautiful memories of a young girl who lost her life at the age of 12. Sarah put up a good fight and refused to give up. I hope in the end Sarah knew how much we loved her and how much everyone cared. She is now our strength and guiding light as we carry the torch of her mission to support children with cancer and make their lives a bit more bearable. We’ll finish today, of course, with Sarah’s meal of choice: McDonalds. So here’s to you Sarah and all the love and good times we shared. Continue to strengthen us, guide us and watch over us. Your “little brother” James is a grown man now and we know you watch over him; please continue to do so.
We live a dream that Sarah is still here with us but she is not. We have a dream that childhood cancer doesn’t exist, but it does. We have a dream that we can make a difference for the children currently struggling for their lives.
Sarah, we hope you are at peace; Let the dream live on!

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