Hugs for Sarah

Happy Birthday My Angel!

Today, March 31, is Sarah’s birthday.  Sarah would be 24 years old – but she is forever frozen in time as a young girl who was never allowed to grow up because of the horrific leukemia that had invaded her body.  As a parent of an angel it is still so unbelievably painful to remember the suffering that she endured and the realization that she is not here – we can never accept that she is not!  On the day Sarah was born the angels kissed her cheeks leaving the most beautiful dimples you could imagine.  Sarah was on loan to us for a short 12 years and during that time she demonstrated a love of life and heartfelt desire to make an impact on all those she came in contact with and she did just that.

We are left with the beautiful memories of a young girl that never really had a chance to live and we’ve been denied all of what you expect to see your children go through, dates, loves, schooling, graduations not to mention all the meals and holidays with an empty seat at the table.  I am angry – very angry – that we have been denied these things that should be such simple pleasures and are taken for granted so often.  My mind continually replays the videos of Sarah’s life – bike rides, camping trips, Christmas mornings etc., but I don’t want to look at pictures, I don’t want to look at her empty room, I want to look into her eyes; to speak to her, to touch her cheek.   Only my brother and sister “parents of angels” can truly understand how we feel and as bereaved parents the feeling of loss never goes away, it is always there like a bad toothache gnawing away at you.  We smile, we laugh, we say everything’s great but our hearts are broken and there is no piecing that back together.   We bury parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters but we are NOT supposed to bury our children.

The Sarah Grace Foundation is our way of keeping Sarah alive, honoring her memory and respecting and recognizing all that she went through which should not have been for nothing.  Although we have helped so many families it is never enough because it should not be necessary.  Our work to pass H.R.515  legislation to modify the current FMLA law to allow for parental leave due to the loss of a child is another way we hope to make it easier for our “parents of angels” brethren.

Remember Sarah – especially today.  Hug your children and tell them you love them, do something special with them or for them!   Hug anyone you love and tell them it’s for Sarah; life is short and life is sweet and is gone in a moment.  We will spend Sarah’s birthday by placing her “cake” on her grave as we do every year.  No parent should have to spend their childs birthday this way!

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