2020 Holiday Extravaganza

The Sarah Grace Foundation is extremely grateful to all those who support the Sarah Grace mission throughout the year and to those who have made this years Holiday Extravaganza a huge success. Due to the pandemic we’ve been unable to hold our typical annual toy drives but instead have adopted 15 families through our Adopt-a-Family program and Sarah’s elves are busy ordering and drop shipping specific toy and gift requests that also include gift cards to assist with meals, transportation and household expenses.From our hearts, to your homes; a most gracious Thank You!

November 1: Kerry Hahl
November 2: Lucy Barrone
November 3: Brian Canty
November 4: Enza Cammarasana
November 5: Krissy Frith
November 6: Sheila Doherty-Ganassa
November 7: Marie Encizo
November 8: Jo Ellen Smith
November 9: Eileen Puerta
November 10: Nancy Clark
November 11; Charlotte Meyer
November 12: Debbie Nanocchio
November 13: Dr. Michael Hans
November 14: Dr. Michael Hans
November 15: Jo Ann Parda
November 16: Antonella Farrell
November 17: Lisa Christie
November 18: Betty Ann Liotta
November 19: Dr. Michael Hans
November 20: Lois Silverman
November 21: Sue Powell
November 22: Gail Zaino
November 23: Dolores Garger
November 24: Mike Tassone
November 25: Marcie Larkin
November 26: Dr. John Marino
November 27: Kathleen O’Shea
November 28: Alex Anagnostakos
November 29: Krissy Frith
November 30: Heather Kean

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