Gabe’s Chemo Duck Information

For years, the Sarah Grace Foundation has supported multiple children, families, and hospitals through the exasperating battle that is cancer by providing financial aid, entertainment, and relief. It is clear to anyone who has been affected by cancer that the journey takes a toll; that toll is even greater upon a child. Now we at the Foundation are proud to present a new program that will help ease the burden on both children and their families: Gabe’s Chemo Duck.Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program was started several years ago by Lu Sipos, whose son, Gabe, was diagnosed with cancer. Lu created a duck for her son to help ease the transition into treatment. Gabe progressed through his illness with Chemo Duck by his side, learning about all the different treatments that he would undergo. Gabe took care of Chemo Duck for his “cancer of the beak,” and together he and Chemo Duck successfully beat their cancer.Lu knew, as she watched her son go through treatment, that Chemo Duck was something special. So when Gabe and Chemo Duck finished their treatment in 2003 (they have remained cancer free since), Lu decided to help others by turning Chemo Duck into a program. Her goal was to help other children get through their cancer in the same way that Gabe did, with a friend by their side. So the Sarah Grace Foundation approached Lu with a goal in mind: to sponsor Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program in hospitals all across the area. Some noteworthy features of Chemo Duck include:

  • a “Hickman” or a “Port” to show the child exactly what they will be going through in a kid-friendly way – hospital pajamas and a bandana for the Duck (additional clothes may be purchased at a store like Build-a-Bear)
  • an arm immobilizer (a “No No”) for the Duck to show the child that their arm must remain straight if they have a peripheral IV
  • a book explaining to parents some additional ways the Duck may be used
  • a DVD for hospital staff to show parents more active ways to be a part of their child’s journey


All of these features are presented in a way that is visually appealing to a child, in order to ease their anxiety and help them become more comfortable with all the changes that are happening around them.

We here at the Foundation are ecstatic to be able to take part in such an amazing program, although funding comes through The Sarah Grace Foundation, orders go through the hospital with The Sarah Grace Foundation as sponsor.

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